I Wish I Could Tell My Wife: I am Kinky (A married slave's 'confession')

...But it’s a deep, dark secret I’ve been hiding from her.

Full disclosure: I have kinky fantasies, secret desires and for the past 2 years I’ve been exploring this side of myself with a professional dominatrix (yes, she has a whip and sometimes wears a catsuit). I’m embarrassed to tell my wife because she might think I’m a perverted weirdo, and I don’t want her to freak out and leave me. 

This is what I wish I could tell her:

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Miss Ava Zhang’s 1st Annual Kink Bacchanal in NYC - December 16th 2017

“A time of direct gestures, shameless discourse, and open transgressions, when anatomies were shown and intermingled at will.” - Michel Foucault


My fellow New Yorkers,

I will be hosting My first annual holiday kink Bacchanal in New York City this December. NYC has become a second home to Me throughout the years and it is only fitting that I orchestrate a night of BDSM revelry for the perverts and die-hard deviants of this city. 

A limited number of well-selected guests will be attending My event. For all those who know and have served Me, you understand that I have a discerning palate for members of My species.


December 16th. 9pm - 4am


To be held in a well-appointed hotel penthouse in Midtown Manhattan. Exact location will be disclosed after invitation has been formally extended in private.


Ladies and gentlemen who lean toward submission, Dominant Women and their minions, limited number of Dominant men and their female subjects, LGBTQ couples, hedonists with a kinky flair, sissies, Owners and slaves, trainers and puppies, cuckold couples and their bulls, keyholders and their chastity slaves, rope tops and bunnies, latex and leather enthusiasts, sadists and masochists, and fetishists of all fixations. 


Please send a well-written introduction to My email at MissAvaZhang@gmail.com. your email should reflect that of an evolved mind, a sense of adventure, and a charming nod to courtesy and refinement. Kindly include a photo of you and your deviant half as such is required. (Due to high volume of inquiries, I will not be able to respond to every email)



$500/single male slave (limited attendance) 

Single ladies are invited without adhering to pecuniary commitments.


Ladies: tastefully seductive 

Gentlemen: tasteful  

***Attendees may change into more extravagant kink attire upon entrance. 

I look forward to enabling your debauchery.  

Miss Ava Zhang

My Weekend at the Folsom Street Fair

I have finally managed to attend the infamous Folsom Street Fair last month, a day of epic outdoor kinky festivities the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in North America other than San Francisco. After Mistress-sing about for half a decade, the Fair was something to check off the bucket list for any self-respecting deviant.

Occupying more than eight blocks in Soma, the Fair draws out hundreds of thousands of kinksters, perverts, leather fetishists, and alternative lifestylers (some of which have yet to be assigned proper terminology) every year.

Walking down Folsom Street in My leather leggings and elbow-length leather gloves, I was greeted by almost every type of pervert of almost every inclination. I witnessed a wide spectrum of kink on display, except for those who are die-hard practitioners of felching, snoodling, clear plating, and daisy chaining (some kinks should remain strictly indoors and behind sound-proof walls). After you have finished Googling all those terms, please continue reading...

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