What It Means to be a Man

Man--a member of 1/2 of the human species primarily responsible for warfare, power struggles over territory and resources, family/community/nation protection, violence...and rape. The societal and sexual worth of a man is oftentimes measured in the amount of resources he acquires, the amount of power he wields. A man provides, a man protects, and he will do it through love or violence. Men are driven by sex, status and power.

We are largely removed from the perils of the natural world and safely live in our own artificially constructed environment, but a man is still required to be a hunter. This hunter uses his cunning and intelligence to win the game, for success is defined by winning -- a man's motive and prerogative. In war, industry, and sports, the survival of one depends on the 'death' of the other. Men try to dominate other men, there is no substitute for the victor's chair.

Men need to demonstrate their competence, their ability to provide and protect, their power, their independence. Such are the proper ingredients for the Man Recipe. Without those ingredients, he is socially inferior, sexually undesirable, and -- ultimately -- a genetic failure.

When a man interacts with another man, exerting dominance and gaining respect is the unspoken/unconscious objective. In a group of men, regardless of size, every man understands his 'place' and there is almost always a leader. Rank and hierarchy is a game amongst men, a game that is essential for survival.

A man must exert himself, a man must be strong enough and resourceful enough to protect his family, and in much of the Westernized world a man must be monogamous -- a social construct that cages his very nature.

Such is the privilege, and burden, of being a man.

The Way of Men author Jack Donovan writes:

Mastery is a man's desire and ability to cultivate and demonstrate proficiency

and expertise in technics that aid in the exertion of will over himself, over nature,

over women, and over other men.

Although this piece barely scratches the surface of male psychology, it is the first step to understanding why a man wants to submit to a Dominatrix. To understand submissive men, one must understand men as a whole.