The Eastern Question: Why do subs Love Asian Dommes?

An Asian Dominatrix is a seductive mixture of beauty and mystery for Caucasian men, who make up 90% of My submissives. An Asian Domme is a fetish within a fetish. There are men who wish to submit to Women...and then there are men who specifically wish to submit to Asian Women. Why?

Men with an "Asian fetish" consider Asian Women to be extremely attractive--physically and mentally. Even before I was a full-fledged FemDomme, I was showered with attention from Western men who claimed that they absolutely adored My petite physique, My soft black hair, My silky-smooth skin, My mind, and My understated mannerisms as result of My Chinese upbringing.

Many factors contribute to men's erotic fantasy of the sensually alluring Dragon Lady: politically incorrect depictions in film and television, the crushing amount of Asian porn on the internet, exposure to Asian culture and Asian Women, limited exposure to authentic Asian culture, the perceived 'contrast' between Asian Women and Western Women. A simple construct of the American/European view of Asian Women is that we are docile, delicately beautiful, submissive towards our men, domesticated, massage-inclined, and lacking the dominant gene. This is why the very notion of an Asian Dominatrix makes a man dizzy with desire. Old, tired stereotypes have been tossed off and re-wrapped in a powerfully stunning, sexy packaged ... throbbing erection inevitably ensues. 

In many ways a Dominatrix figure is a cultural taboo that defies age-old gender roles. The very idea of a man submitting to a Woman disrupts traditional notions of masculinity and femininity, the very idea of a Caucasian male submitting to an Asian Female adds deeper contrast for Western civilization has more or less dominated the globe for the last 500 years -- and long before that -- in economic power, military expansion, and scientific advancements. To see a man bow down to a Woman is to see an elephant being led by a mouse, the roles are reversed, and in the case of an Asian Domme there is a tear in the cultural fabric.

Thankfully My subs are all articulate little boys who can convey their thoughts into coherent sentences, when they are not under My spell of course. A large number of them describe the reason for their Asian fetish as a fixation on physical beauty and mental acumen. They view Asian Women, in contrast to Western Women, as more subtle and thoughtful in their approach to interaction with others and self-expression. For men, this is interpreted as mysterious and inviting.

A drop of truth lies in the image of the inscrutable Asian female in that in certain Asian cultures, Chinese and Japanese for example, emphasis is placed on collective thinking and indirect communication so that one does not over-exert oneself (for selfishness is frowned upon). Unlike American culture, when it comes to friendship Asians value the moral integrity of a person rather than the entertainment value of his/her personality. Moreover, collective thinking requires one to consider the needs of everyone else before one's own, and a transgression is shameful not only for the the one who sinned but for those close to the transgressor by virtue of association. Whereas American values champion the will to act as a form of strength, Asian cultures (some) take pride in the ability to restrain oneself and to think of all possible consequences of an action -- immediate and long-term -- before making a fool of oneself. What comes out of one's mouth is a reflection of one's sense of timing, appropriateness, education, intellect, breeding, and it also reflects the judgment of one's friends and family. A tongue must be carefully guarded at all times so that one's 'clan' is protected for foolish diarrhea of the mouth is a sign of tactlessness, insensitivity, and lack of self-awareness. An ounce of prudence and foresight is worth more than a pound of amusement and showmanship. This lies at the heart of Our culture.

So My little yellow fever sicklings, leave your porn/movies at the door and worship Me and fetishize Me because I am your Asian Domme fantasy, but once you get to know Me you will be slapping yourself to make sure this isn't a dream.