A slap in the face is more effective than ten lectures. It makes you understand very quickly. - Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

The perfect slave is a consummate gentleman or lady, well-mannered to a fault. Knowing your place requires knowing how to behave properly. Adhere to My rules below and you will gain My favor and, possibly, My affection.

  • How May i Address You?
    • "Miss Zhang" or "Mistress"
  • When May i Contact You?
    • When you are able to provide exact dates/times of availability for a session.
  • How May i Contact You?
    • If you are contacting Me for the first time, you have two options: you will fill out My contact form, OR you may send Me an email that is well-written, thoughtful, and proofread.

      One-word or one-sentence emails will be deleted. If I determine that you are worthy of My time, I will schedule a phone/Skype call with you.

      When communicating with Me via phone or Skype, I will have your full and undivided attention. DO NOT drive, work, or multitask when speaking to Me.

      All phone calls/Skype meetings must be scheduled in advance.

      No calls from blocked numbers

      NO TEXTING unless instructed otherwise. Aimless chatter is not a pastime activity of Mine. 

  • Email Etiquette
    • you will address Me properly at the beginning of all your emails: "Dear Mistress" or "Dear Miss Zhang" followed by your statements and intention to serve and submit. you will be declined if you fail to address Me properly in an email. 

      your emails should only be related to scheduling sessions and logistics.

      DO NOT bombard My inbox with content and questions that are unrelated to a session. To do so is to essentially demand that I carve out precious time to read and respond to your unfiltered thoughts.

      If you wish to show your affections and to let Me know that you are thinking of Me, you may visit My wishlist. If you wish to know more about Me, you may ask Me questions in a session and I will decide whether or not you are privy to such knowledge.

      My inbox is to be used for making introductions and scheduling sessions. It is NOT a pen-pal service. 

  • Session Etiquette

      you will be ON TIME for all sessions. If you believe that you will be late due to circumstances outside of your control, you will notify Me in advance.

      2) CELL PHONE

      your cell phone WILL be TURNED OFF during My session.


      When you are serving Me in person, you will be properly groomed and well dressed. you will shower and shave on the day of our session. 

  • Post-Session Etiquette
    • After our first session, it is a sign of good breeding to send Me a follow-up letter expressing your gratitude for My time and energy. It is especially appreciated if you describe what you enjoyed -- or even did not enjoy about our session -- so that I will gain a better understanding of who you are as a submissive. This will aid Me in making better choices for you in subsequent sessions, and nurture a relationship that brings pleasure to everyone.

  • What Are Your Boundaries?
    • DO NOT ask Me to engage in any sexual acts. 

    • DO NOT ask to see Me outside of a session. If I wish to see you, I will let you know.

    • DO NOT ask Me to train you for free. As every relationship develops and deepens, I will determine under what conditions you can serve Me.

  • Session Cancellations
    • Cancellations are not appreciated...but I understand that life has a will and pace of its own.  Half of the tribute will be duly paid in the event you need to cancel O/our session after W/we have already confirmed a date and time for your service to Me.