Catsuit Walk in New York with Dia Dynasty

I have always wanted to strut the streets of Manhattan in My latex catsuit. 

So I did. 

My dearest friend and colleague, Domina Dia Dynasty, joined Me on this mini adventure. 

Drunken eyes, judgmental eyes, lustful eyes, surprised eyes, knowing eyes, and curious eyes all drank up the image of two Asian Mistresses in shiny rubber suits.

We did not have a care in the world—it’s fun to be a Woman.

Ironically, the ONLY instance in which we were asked to leave the premise took place at Central Park during a whip practice meet-up comprised of kinky folk (of all people!). The thunderous cracks of their whips were attracting attention (remarkable!) and they did not need our presence to add to their spotlight. 



Timesquare 1


Timesquare 2


42 Street/Timesquare Subway Station


Central Park


Taxi (cab driver was appreciative) 


5th Ave