When the mood strikes and the winds are favorable, one will find me plotting a clandestine evening of playful perversions and witty banter. Guests who attend my soirées are inclined to seek delectable delights, cerebral sensuality, and absurd amusement…and who am I to deny them such exquisite pleasures?

Furthermore, the sites of my gatherings are more than pleasing to the senses, and thus guests are invited to dress in a manner that inspires and emboldens—cocktail attire is also perfectly acceptable. To maintain a healthy balance of guests, ladies and couples of all orientations/identities are welcome (male submissives who wish to be a part of the service staff are subject to my approval). Some events are playful and some are to be treated as social gatherings for epic conversations.

*Rule 1: Guests live by the codes of kindness, consent, and graciousness.

*Rule 2: A sense of humor is a serious requirement.

To partake in the joy and mischief, one will send a thoughtful introduction to my email at The style of one’s idiolect as expressed in the written word will have all the markings of an evolved mind, a spirit for adventure, and a charming sense of savoir-faire.


October 2019

Manila, Philippines. October 5

June 2019

Chicago, Illinois. June 29

Portland, Oregon. June 9

Washington DC. June 1

May 2019

Los Angeles, California. May 4

March 2019

San Francisco, California. March 23

February 2019

Manila, Philippines. February 9

December 2017

New York, New York. December 16