A slave's Views on Objectification and Usefulness

I am always advancing and fine-tuning My craft as a Mistress. Every slave who is sincere in his service and devotion to Me sheds further light upon Dominance and submission. While I learn to sharpen My skills through bondage classes and training sessions with other reputable Dominas, it is My interaction with My slaves that gives Me the deepest insight into the mind of the submissive male. Recently, I was training a particular slave, nicknamed "pup", who commented on how I naturally objectify him during training and how I make him feel useful for Me. Curious to hear his thoughts--however inconsequential and meaningless, I instructed him to write an essay expanding upon how a slave feels when he is objectified and used. My pup came back with the following scribbles (albeit past the due date so he will be met with proper punishment), and I was pleasantly surprised by his perceptiveness given his desperate, doggy-like behavior when around Me. I suppose slaves can think for themselves -- to a degree -- when I am not there to distract them. Slaves NEED to be useful in every way they can so as to contribute to a Mistress' pleasure and life enjoyment ... and the function of men is to serve Women. Men -- good men -- want to make a Woman happy, to provide a service for Her so as to eliminate discomfort and inconvenience from Her life. We have advanced to the point that theoretically both sexes can hunt and gather, but when danger emerges most men will instinctively assume a protective stance to shield his Lady from harm. The slave is further evolved in that he positions himself as both chivalrous and subordinate, fluidly intertwining elements of the masculine and feminine to suit the needs of his Alpha. If My pup is good at anything it is his understanding of how to be useful.

If you would like to learn how you can improve your skills and attitude as a servant, then this post is for you. 


A slave's Views on Objectification and Usefulness, by My pup

My Mistress Ava Zhang has told me that it is natural for Her to use me as an object.  Objectification, of course can be implemented in various forms.  The three common areas of objectification illustrated here are Convenience, Comfort & Amusement and Sadism/Toying.     

For Convenience there aren’t any necessarily overt indicators of a D/s component. It could be as simple as carrying packages in public or perhaps holding an umbrella in the rain or even a Mistress deciding to sit on a slave’s lap on a bench so not to dirty Her clothes. It can be fun to practice these subtle uses in public, wondering if any passerbys can sense the real dynamic.  While the public would view him as gentlemanly, the slave knows it is his required duty.  In these situations it is the duty of the slave to perform perfectly, so not to draw any unwanted attention to his Mistress, not to mention that a screw-up can ignite the Mistress’ wrath.  Many Goddesses will not hesitate to verbally dress down an errant supplicant and even go so far as to deliver a sharp slap to the face if She is so annoyed as well, regardless if witnesses are present.  i can say from experience, what occurs when this happens is i am overwhelmed with stomach-churning real humiliation that makes me just want to shrink from the world.  i always try my best, especially in public.

Being objectified for a Domme’s Comfort & Amusement usually takes place in a more private setting such as a dungeon, maybe a home or hotel.  Common practices are everyday functional commodities such as being a footstool, clothing rack, some sort of seat, ashtray, even as receptacle for whatever She may need to relieve Herself from.  This sort of objectification can be the most trying and hardest to endure.  Again, speaking from experience, you are expected to cease to be a human with needs.  you are to be ignored, function as an inanimate thing, not letting your own energy or needs intrude on whatever it is She requires.  It is very humbling to know you’re striving to be better than some stool and you should be better as it relieves your Owner of natural adjustments to Her body position, etc..  Never focus on whatever She’s doing -- no seat cushion does .  It is paramount to tune into Her and anticipate Her every little whim without ever being noticeable.   If Mistress Zhang requires an ashtray, a mantray is much better than a regular one.  In this case the slave has deluxe mode of being able to follow the cigarette and be in the right spot, alleviating the Goddess of having to stretch to find it or miss the tray.  A properly functioning slave-ashtray would never let an ash go astray by anticipating an ash flick and positioning his mouth to catch Her disposal. 

For some slaves, functioning as a seat cushion, can be a very stimulating experience.  However, when not used as some kind of reward or sexual interplay, that sensual, exciting activity can turn into a small cauldron of hell.  And not necessarily for punishment.  Again, speaking from experience, there was a Mistress who just liked to sit on my head for long periods of time.  In the times of just wanting to sit while in a skirt or shorts, she would have my face sideways and sit on my cheek instead of covering my face because She didn’t want to be annoyed with my breathing needs so my mouth was free to breathe normally.  The first minutes under Her lovely 110 pounds felt like complete nirvana being immersed in her essence.  However as the minutes started to pass,  the weight became heavier as She surfed on her tablet or watched TV. Time would slow down as the enveloping heat took over.  Soon any of eroticisms would dissipate into oppression while She never acknowledged my existence.  I could breathe and there would be no real injury, just acute discomfort from an activity i lived for.  She would sit from some times up to an hour.  This is an example of functioning for Her amusement because if my suffering plight amused Her it only made enduring it my greatest goal.  At first, after being mashed like that into near oblivion, i would promise myself to never do it again…for maybe 5 minutes and then i would crave the pressing of Her glorious bottom more than before.

Sadism/Toying. Being the outlet for Mistress' sadism is probably the most elevated function a slave can perform for Her.  While some Dommes aren’t sadistic, most do have some tendencies toward the proclivity.  The activities used cover the many fetishes  such as corporal punishment, whippings, slapping, trampling and many others. Whether it be for training, Her satisfying Her own desires, or just because She has some negative energy to release having nothing to do with you, it is the slave’s purpose to absorb it without question.

In all the various forms of objectification, intense emotions arise.  you are stripped of identity and become a disposable commodity, no longer that special boy.  Most powerful is the fear of failing Her and doing so could have dark consequences. While some masochists might enjoy incurring Her wrath for some infraction, for me, nothing is worse than disappointing my Goddess, so please Miss, use me…