The Purpose of Paying Tribute & Real Female Supremacy

Last week, a submissive from San Francisco had the honor of serving Me. Towards the end of the session, he, well-meaning gentleman that he is, blurted out, "You have certainly earned your tribute." If he wasn't such a sweet puppy dog that ate food off the bottom of My boots earlier, I would have whipped him to the point of permanent trauma (responsibly of course). Serving a Professional Mistress is not a cheap endeavor. Even by first-world standards, the majority of submissives must consider and budget before they withdraw $300+ from the ATM.

What is the purpose of paying tribute to a Mistress? In the inescapable truth so elegantly put into plain English by Adam Smith: 

"The propensity to truck, barter, and exchange one thing for another is common to all men."

In other words, your money for a Mistress' time and discretion. That is the obvious answer -- but tribute itself has roots grounded in ritual.

A submissive understands that he is categorically inferior to his Mistress in every regard. He relishes and delights in this notion of inequality, and this knowledge lies at the heart of behaving properly as a lowly slave. This way of thinking is a fetish in and of itself. He knows his place, and he worships the ground on which his Mistress walks in her pointy open-toe high heels. Because he is not --and never will be -- good enough for her, he must offer her tribute and gifts as a way to show gratitude for her allowing him in her presence. Paying tribute to your Mistress reinforces your lowered status in respect to hers.  It is a symbol of your deference and just one of many demonstrations you make to ingratiate yourself with her.

Money is only one aspect of serving a Mistress. Servitude must begin with the proper attitude. It is a horse of a different color between a transaction defined by paying a woman to give you instant gratification, and offering tribute as a way to show your devotion and respect. There is a difference between a client...and a submissive.

My ball-fetching, boot-licking puppy dog did not understand (he does now) that a Mistress does not earn tribute.  She expects it. It is but the first of many attempts a submissive makes in aiming to please her.

With that being said, My humble readers, I also recognize that there is an inherent, evolutionary law behind tribute that cannot be ignored. Men trade their resources for the company of women. This is a cross-cultural fact that is also present in other primates. Men understand that they themselves are not good enough for a woman, they must be able to provide -- and this is the truth that feminism forgot. Men were never superior to women, never even equal to women. MEN WORK FOR WOMEN.  The real whore is the man. The woman has done all the work the moment she was born. Warren Farrell, American author, educator, and activist on men's issues with women stated brilliantly:

"I am often asked why men don’t get as worked up as they might about women—particularly poor women—having to use their bodies as prostitutes. Because most men unconsciously experience themselves as prostitutes every day—the miner, the firefighter, the construction worker, the logger, the soldier, the meatpacker—these men are prostitutes in the direct sense: they sacrifice their bodies for money and for their families."

(Is the man exploiting the prostitute's body, or the prostitute exploiting the man's libido?)

There you have it. The purpose of tribute serves reasons that are practical, philosophical, and universal. Real female supremacy is when a man devotes his life and energy to acquiring resources that a woman is naturally entitled to just by virtue of being female. We are the boss.

A Dominatrix embraces this reality of men and women. A Dominatrix is also on the side of men in that she understands them and the burden they have to carry, and thereby she grants them freedom from the burden of being a man.

Pay up and shut up.