Forced-Bi: Homosexuality or Service?

A perfectly heterosexual male slave with a forced-bi fetish fantasizes about servicing other men -- orally or anally -- for the pleasure and amusement of his Mistress. In My personal life, a forced-bi slave is one of My favorite types of men to play with. They are eager to please, eager to perform, eager to receive, and, of course, eager to give all for the sake of My satisfaction. You may be wondering as to why a man would find any source of pleasure from this activity. The reasons are complex yet easy, universal yet individualized, and all rooted in the desire to serve. There are three main explanations for the psychology of the forced-bi male slave. 

The first reason is the more obvious one: the male slave actually has bisexual tendencies and through the servicing of other men within the context of obeying his Mistress, he can "safely" explore his homoerotic desires. He has always wanted to know what it would feel like to have a cock in his mouth, in his anus, to be dominated and fucked fiercely by another man. He has always wanted to know what it would feel like to be next to a male body, to touch a penis and feel his own rising. He wants to know if he is really bisexual, or worse, if he has been a little closet homosexual all this time and he was too afraid to explore it on his own. This is where the Mistress comes in and help him "cross over". When she orders him to service another man the slave re-interprets this act in his mind as an act of obedience rather than an open exploration of the unknown. It was not his choice and thus he cannot be held accountable should he find himself aroused or disgusted. His choice is dictated by the Mistress, so when he finds himself on his knees with a large cock stuffed in his pretty little mouth he understands that this was not of his choosing. He can now safely open himself up to men knowing that this was NOT the result of his overwhelming desire to be a little cock sucker.

The second reason is rooted in the desire to please and amuse his Mistress. In certain cases the slave understands himself well enough to know that he is not bisexual in any way whatsoever. Why would he even come near another man? By knowing that sucking cock for one's Mistress gives her pleasure and turns her on is reason enough for him to do it for her.  He still views the act as a means to pleasure another woman that he worships and desires, even if this is done indirectly. Therefore, the symbolism of the scene is still "heterosexual" in nature. Sucking cock is an act of service to her, for her visual enjoyment, to let her know that he is doing something outside of his comfort zone. Sucking cock is a demonstration of his desire to please her, entertain her, show her how much he cares not for his own sexual gratification but that it's ALL ABOUT HER no matter what is being asked of him.

The third reason is rooted in the desire to be degraded, used, and humiliated, with those emotions themselves as the source of the slave's sexual gratification rather than the act of servicing a man. This type of slave may not even have the slightest interest in men, but they view the act as utterly humiliating and this aspect turns them on. This slave views cock-sucking as the ultimate form of emasculation, and to perform this act in front of an attractive woman is that much more degrading to his manhood, his identity, his place in the world. Everything that gives him a sense of worth is now stripped away and he is now on his knees with his mouth open as he is forced to do the last thing he would ever do (similar to a scat fetishist). The last thing he would want is to be called a faggot by his peers, by women. In his normal world, his is a competent man who carries his own weight. But now he is just a dirty little cock sucker who swallows semen because he isn't good for anything else, and certainly not good enough for women. The Mistress sees what he is reduced to and laughs at him, laughs at the clumsy way he tries to suck dick, laughs at how the other man is barely able to get hard, laughs at the ridiculousness of the situation. It adds further insult to injury when he is used to fluff up the other man (who is usually more well-endowed than him) so that Mr. Stud is nice and thick for the Mistress as he himself can never pleasure her. Cuckold anyone? The humiliation slave is no longer considered a man, he is just a little mouth that opens when Mistress tells it to open, he will bend over when Mistress tells him to bend over, he has lost all sense of who he is as a real man -- lost all sense of control, humiliated, degraded, ridiculed, and made into a bitch for his Mistress.

You may be asking why would I want this for My slaves. The answer is simple: to be entertained by seeing see how far a slave would go for Me.  The sheer image of two unwilling men playing with each other for My pleasure turns Me on to no end. Knowing that boundaries are crossed, limits have been pushed, and traditional masculinity discarded for a greater cause: Me. Once again, as stated over and over again in previous posts, the slave wants what the Mistress wants. Fetishes and bondage acts are a means by which to reinforce submission. A forced-bi slave sucks cock for Me, it is his way to demonstrating loyalty, service, and to let Me know that he is there for MY ultimate enjoyment.