Why you Cannot See Me for Free: A Post for All the Aspiring "Personal slaves"

I have just declined a very earnest slave's request to see Me for 'drinks and dinner'. In the normal dating world, this is a perfectly thoughtful gesture of an invite, but a major blunder in the world of Professional Domination. Why? Because he wanted to serve Me on a level in which he does not need to pay tribute. Unfortunately, this is not the first time it has occurred. I am writing this post on behalf of ALL Professional Mistresses who dare to make a life out of dominating and training slaves, who dare to put themselves out there at the risk of serious bodily harm every single day, who dare to bare the possibility of ostracism when they reveal what they do to friends and family--people whose opinions they care about, who dare to live their lives based on their own terms. We Professional Mistresses require tribute for Our time because We have turned our craft into a sustainable livelihood--that is the desire and goal of ANYONE with passion for what they do in ANY FIELD.

A respectful slave who pays tribute to his Mistress is essentially acknowledging and embracing the following:

-That he respects Her choice for becoming a full-time Dominatrix, for pursuing Her lifelong passion, for devoting all of Her time to fine-tuning the art of domination

-That he understands he is lower than Her and tribute reinforces his position in respect to Hers

-That he understands the tribute he pays to his Mistress enables Her to continue to do what She enjoys doing

-That tribute enabled Her website presence, Her internet presence as a whole, any means by which he was able to contact Her in the first place

-That tribute is the REASON why she is still in operation, furthering Her craft, and continuing to provide slaves the world over a safe place from which to explore their submission and fetishes

In other words, to ask a Professional Mistress if you can see Her for free is the most OFFENSIVE, BLATANTLY RUDE, AND HUMILIATINGLY IGNORANT thing a poor excuse for a slave can do.

Just as Chopin and Debussy did not compose their nocturnes on the side while working full time at a bakery, a Professional Mistress who pours every ounce of Her energy into Her work CANNOT do so while working full-time at a desk job She despises. Passion and diligence takes up time, of which must be compensated so that Her time is not robbed by arduous tasks related to hunting and gathering. When a slave asks to serve a Professional Mistress on a more "personal" level, he is basically asking Her to give up Her work and find another way to feed, cloth, and shelter Herself.

The truth is, EVERY SLAVE I HAVE SESSIONED WITH IS A PERSONAL SLAVE. Any woman brave enough to become a Professional Dominatrix is making a very personal choice, and Her interactions with Her clients are highly intimate, mentally intensive, and spiritually rewarding. What can be more personal than that? I only see slaves who are worthy of Me, in other words I only see slaves I want to see. And I have turned down MANY who offered Me considerably more tribute because they...just...didn't...get it.

If you are reading this and have been contemplating asking a Professional Mistress whether or not She needs a personal servant, if you can invite her for a 'drinks' or a 'casual dinner', then you have saved yourself irrevocable embarrassment. It is true that sometimes Mistresses "adopt" a client, but that is a process decided by Her and Her alone. It is also true that you are entitled to your opinions if you do not believe that you should have to 'pay' to see a Mistress, or that your willingness to pay for dinner should be more than enough. The solution to this conflicting opinion is this: DO NOT CONTACT PROFESSIONAL MISTRESSES. There are plenty of BDSM social network sites that can provide what you are looking for.

If you want to be a "personal slave" to a Professional Mistress because you enjoyed Her photos and Her web presence, do keep in mind that the tribute paid to Her by Her REAL SLAVES enabled Her photoshoots, Her garments, Her web hosting services, Her advertising costs, and basically everything that you see. Tribute made it all possible so that you CAN view it in the first place.

Please be a little wiser, a little more respectful.

NEVER ask to see a Professional Mistress for free.