An Exemplary Email from a Consummate slave (A must-read for those who wish to contact Me for the first time)

This special post is for those who have contemplated reaching out to Me for the first time and may not quite know how to properly go about it. your introduction letter to Me should be thoughtful, eloquent, sincere, and respectful. This means you will address Me properly at the beginning of the email, you will have reviewed My website beforehand to educate yourself on My rules, My philosophies, and My tribute, and you will have proofread your email for any grammatical errors prior to sending it. your introductory emails should contain 3 parts: your reasons for contacting Me, your background and experience level as a slave, and your dates of availability for a session as well as your phone number. If you have been acting the part of a fully functional adult who is responsible, reasonably educated, and gainfully employed, then all of this information should have been obvious to you. I am fortunate enough to be served by outstanding submissives from around the world. I cannot count how many times I have been utterly blown away by the level of service, devotion, and thoughtfulness with which they demonstrate their loyalty and submission to Me. you know who you are. If you have served Me before and I still grant you My time even outside of a session, it means you have earned your place at My feet. Life is precious and time is limited, therefore My time is valuable and only to be given to those who are worthy of Me.

What does it mean to be worthy of Me? If you have never served a Mistress before, then you may wonder how can you possibly serve Me to My standards when your experience level is so limited? It is quite simple: you come in to My presence with the RIGHT ATTITUDE. The right attitude of any genuine sub, regardless of experience level, is that of one who lives to please and who wants what I want. This way of thinking cannot be taught, it is innate and it will have been a central part of your psyche and sexuality since early age. you have ALWAYS known about this part of yourself, you have always wanted to serve dominant Women, and you only wish to give this vulnerable part of yourself to a Female who understands your mind and what you need to be put in your place.

I wish to share a pre-session and post-session email from a slave who harbors this way of thinking. he has given his expressed consent to publish the emails so that prospective subs can be educated on the art of communicating with Me. I would also like to clarify that there are TOO MANY emails from other slaves that is of equal quality but in the spirit of confidentiality I am only publishing the following letters from a slave who is comfortable with Me doing so.

Introduction Letter:

Dear Miss Zhang, 

i am a self-proclaimed or perhaps, self-realized, submissive male that has found his way to Your doorstep. Now, i gently, but firmly knock upon Your door in hopes that You will grant me the privilege of an audience before Your Highness. 

If i may, here's a brief sketch of the beta-to-You male kneeling down so that You may judge the worthiness of my potential service. i gravitated to BDSM about ten years ago as a fetishist; heels, boots, feet and fabric being my paraphilia. Along the way, i have served as a slave, submissive and sissy. i have found my favorite sessions are not when my fetishes are indulged, but rather when i have earned both praise and punishment from an exacting Mistress as in those moments, i am so alive - taut as a wire, ready to be plucked and vibrate in resonance with Her needs, wishes and whimsies. 

Having found Your web presence via search before an impending visit to LA, i have read and reread it in hopes to glean enough information to present myself worthy of Your consideration, as You clearly rise above the noise with Your wit and insight. Your posts sizzle with power. As if my opinion mattered, i found Your description of Tribute and Cuckoldry completely irresistible. Cuckoldry has only been a fantasy to date, but perhaps in time, i may find a BDSM relationship that could evolve to that level of trust and intimacy. 

i will be flying to Los Angeles this Sunday, November 2, 2014. i will be arriving LAX around noon and available at Your beck and call between 12p-7p. 

It's been my experience that an initial session of at least 2 hours is required for my boorish mind to begin to understand what and how i can satisfy Your needs. 

i beseech You for positive consideration, i believe You will not be disappointed and if You are, well...W/we both know how that ends.

Until You adjudicate upon this petition, i remain, Your slave in waiting,

slave j

Post Session Letter:

Dear Miss Zhang,

i want to begin by thanking You for Your time and attention yesterday. i know Your schedule is full and making time for a man servant such as me is as much an act of benevolence as it is for Your pleasure. i just hope You derived some pleasure from it.

In hopes that i will be granted future opportunities to further serve and enhance Your life enjoyment i wanted to provide my meaningless thoughts on O/our time T/together. For me, i felt a connection immediately, from reading Your web presence, to O/our email exchanges and phone conversation. i was enraptured. Then to find out that W/we share a common linguistic bond (pun intended) in Japanese...rapture blossomed into ecstasy. Despite my lack of assets, i consider myself a sapiosexual and to be dominated in both English and Japanese was, and i apologize for the venacular, a real mind-fuck. So very hot. Perhaps as my language skills evolve W/we might explore this verbal and mental form of domination and humiliation further.

i love being physically constrained and controlled - the rope leash was the perfect way to keep me under Your control while allowing me the mobility to carry out the chores You assigned me.  i was privately giddy when You expressed Your pleasure at my recently procured undergarment, when i saw it i thought it was a fitting touch, though i had hoped You would collar and leash me below, too and wondered if this modern cod piece dissuaded You from taking control there.

Standing for Your inspection, eyes reverently cast down, with You in close physical proximity, brushing against me on occasion, feeling Your breath on my neck, enjoying Your erotic bites and teasing kisses. i would have done anything You told me to do to earn more of Your attention. Being given the gift of massaging Your feet, legs and neck will never be taken for granted. Gifts from Athena, who is as benevolent in peace as She is fierce in war, or are You Aphrodite...

The intimacy of sharing water and macarons with You...for those fleeting moments, i was immortal...

Perhaps the only element that didn't resonate with me was dawning the wig and skirt. i may not be much of a man in Your eyes, but i am a horrible woman in all eyes. i believe trailor trash was Your apt description. i have never been drawn to feminization, but if You enjoy humiliating me as such, i will suffer such slings and arrows...

i derive great satisfaction from pleasing my Mistress. You artfully kept me simultaneously feeling in good care as well as on edge. A beautiful cognitive dissonance i never resolved. Given the abundance of mistakes i made, You were extremely tolerant of me. Forgetting the correct envelope, dropping items and spraying water about the bath. i fully expected and deserved Your wrath. Perhaps i was not clear that i could bare Your marks as long as they could be covered by my swim trunks. i was sure i expressed that during O/our phone chat, but i will be clearer in any future sessions You grant me.

Lastly, i have never had the pleasure of being dressed at the end of a session. For me, it was a highly charged ritual. i felt i radiated a confidence i do not usually enjoy, thank You, You made my day and evening. When i went to dinner that night, i felt i drew gazes i would not otherwise have drawn.

In hopes i can tantilize Your appetite to convince You a future session may actually please You, i will close with a few photos of dishes i have created:

the first is a pan seared scallop, with a drizzle of olive oil that has been infused with smoke from burning chardonnay lees and topped with shiso

the second is a reprise of a dish i first created for (another Mistress whose identity will remain hidden), it is a sea urchin risotto, the shallot sauteed in crab butter and cooked in shellfish stock. This rendition is topped with grated mullet roe i brought back from Barcelona this summer

the third is a pork tenderloin i butterfly, stuff with dried apples and wrap in prosciutto. It is pan seared and finished in the oven. This one i served with chestnut flour pasta, foraged chantrelles and salsa verde

the last is a lemon cupcake with lemon curd frosting, green tea ice cream as a sidecar


There You have my humble kitchen offerings, Mistress.

Miss Zhang, as i awkwardly mentioned, i am at somewhat of a cross roads on my BDSM journey, uncertain as to my next direction. Your intelligence, wit and beauty are quite alluring. Why You would ever want my service again is beyond my simple mind, but if You will allow me the grace of Your presence, i would enjoy serving You again, but it is about Your pleasure. Until that time, i will have to make memories last.

Your humble servant,

slave j

slave j is the perfect example of a consummate slave--humble, understands his place, and--above all else--lives to please. While I certainly do no expect all of My slaves to write Me such lengthy and beautiful emails, nor do I expect everyone to be a wizard in the kitchen, I do expect that any aspiring submissive will have at least understood the right attitude and mentality through which your words and actions are filtered when it comes to serving Me. If this way of BEING agrees with your own mentality, then you may proceed to write Me an email as the first step towards your submission to Me.