My Unfiltered, Unbiased, Unfair View of a man's Real Place in a Female-Privileged World

Sex is the most powerful of human drives. If there is a God, then this omnipotent being designed our bodies with the intention for us to fornicate furiously, regularly...but not equally between the sexes. The erotic energy instilled in mankind for it to survive belongs in between the legs of Women, a power that controls men and creates life. Whereas men dominate all other sectors of civilization, women dominate sex -- We can provide it, withhold it, or even require money in exchange for it. In the game of sex, men are unequal, outmatched, disadvantaged, and often left frustrated and financially drained with no release in sight. The privilege of being a woman -- a beautiful woman -- in the past and now, defines female supremacy.  A beautiful woman is a commodity in this world, men want her and women want to be like her. Beauty is power. Beauty is idolized, fetishized, and glorified on screen and in advertising. We have a visual obsession with the female body, near scopophilia. The attainment of beauty has been an on-going goal for women since early girlhood. A woman's beauty grants her access to society, to men with resources, to places and events that accessorize itself with attractive females to attract more money. A beautiful woman can have any man of any socioeconomic status she wishes. Her sexuality equalizes her to men with more resources than her because the only thing men want just as much as wealth and power -- if not more -- is sexual gratification. Her beauty enables her to dominate men and women alike. She has sexual access to any man she desires, which in turn grants her economic access. By being beautiful, she has accomplished what average women spend hours trying to achieve everyday. By being beautiful without any effort, she embodies what men want, men who spend their whole entire lives working to acquire enough resources so that they can gain access to her, be worthy of her, entice her. There is no equality between men and beautiful women. Although men like to compete, they recognize that this is the most unfair game in life. She is at the top of the social food chain (but only for a short span of her lifetime). All beautiful women understands this. All beautiful women with a sliver of sympathy for men understands the privilege they enjoy.

Men are not so lucky in the game of sex. An average-looking woman can find a sexual partner in a shorter amount of time than a handsome man. Male beauty is not as desirable as its counterpart. The power of men lies in their craftiness, their ability to wield influence over other men, the efficiency with which they acquire resources. The more skilled he is in practicing these arts the more respected he is among men, and the more desirable he appears to women. In the game of sex, men must often assume the burden and responsibility of initiating contact with a female, convincing her that he is both non-threatening and charming, being financially capable of paying for the ritualistic outings that preludes to sex, and if sex is on the itinerary then he must be able ensure her satisfaction with attention to timing. In the words of Taoist master Wu Hsien, "The man must keep the situation in control and benefit from the communion without undue haste." The list of chores and responsibilities are endless for men.

Whereas beautiful women are highly desirable, men are explicitly rendered undesirable just because they are men. The words "Couples and Single Ladies Only" is a re-occurring theme in sex parties and lifestyle events. While single women enter these establishments for free, single men who are allowed admittance usually pay a premium fee. A woman is an asset and a man is a liability.

The game of sex is played even more unfairly in that female sexuality is desirable and sought after while male sexuality is misunderstood and even at times, punished. Whoever invented the phrase "Men are Pigs" clearly lacked the mental faculties required to understand the male reproductive organ. Women release one egg per month and men produce millions of sperm on a daily basis. Nature intended for men to procreate and do so often. If all but one man was left on Earth, he can theoretically still "save" the species. Powerful men in history had harems of wives and concubines to satisfy their natural appetites, and as much as 16 million people in the world are believed to be descendants of Genghis Khan. High-status men can and will have more than one female to satisfy him, either because he can attract them or he can provide for them. It is the nature of men to want to pass on his genes to as many women as he wishes, it is the nature of men to want sexual releases from time to time and nothing more, it is the nature of men to experience immediate arousal at the sight of a beautiful woman even if she is not his partner or wife.

Mens' craving for sexual variety and spontaneity have come under attack in a world operated by complex economic structures to such an extent that monogamy becomes necessary (but not natural) to ensuring the stability and survival of offspring. Monogamy, a social construct and an institutionalized virtue, conflicts with male sexuality and thus marginalizes men, painting them as "pigs" because they are not programmed to be with one partner for a lifetime. That today's marriages are more based on chemically-induced emotions than pragmatic longevity makes for a very unstable arrangement. While men may very well be capable of loving and providing for their families, they need the novelty of experiencing a different body, a different woman. The prostitution and pornography industry holds a mirror to these desires, it exists to provide the occasional release that the male body NEEDS. Instead of understanding and embracing this aspect of men, they are labeled as "pigs", "cheaters", "liars", "those who only want one thing". Ironically, mens' infidelity is a direct coping mechanism to the demands of monogamy, a system to which they submitted but still try to exercise their animal instincts and by doing so they are punished for being, practically speaking, human.

The reality of monogamy is that men are forced to experience relationships on women's terms.

Men are not pigs, men are built to spread their genes. Sperm competition is a real biological phenomena in which sperm from different men have been studied and shown to directly compete with each other in a woman's body. That non-monogamy takes place on such a microscopically fundamental level reflects the real sexual nature of men.

Sperm is disposable, eggs are valuable. In the game of sex, men are the losers. However, is it not that philosophers and clergy alike sing songs about the triumph of the civilized man over his base animal instincts? Evidently not. Our "animal" instincts permeate our sex lives, placing women in a position of privilege and men in a position of disadvantage culturally and biologically.

What does being a Professional Mistress have anything to do with the inequality of the sexes? To be perfectly frank, I CAN be a Professional Mistress because I am female, attractive, and Chinese, a privilege to which I was born. While I enjoy exercising control and dominance, I also acknowledge and relish in the fact that the power I have over men is real. I recognize this reality and the entitlements granted to Me. I will not deny that I enjoy the benefits of My sex. I will also tell any male doms wishing to make a career out of being dominant they had better find another path for obvious reasons. It would be blatantly ignorant of Me to think that My power as a Mistress rests in My dominance and understanding of submissive males alone. And while Female Supremacy is the theme of My work and passion, it is largely enabled by REAL Female Supremacy that have been set in place for tens of thousands of years.