A Cuckold Expert Explains it All

My dear readers, it is my pleasure to publish my latest interview with “The Cuckold Consultant”, an expert on advising men on how to create satisfying, exciting relationships of sweet betrayal and exquisite jealousy with their wives/girlfriends. I have written but one essay about the mind of the cuckold submissive, and I must admit that it barely scratched the surface of this richly complex form of psychological masochism. Surprised and humbled I was that Dr. 36, whose Cuckold Consulting website aims to unlock the secret to persuading women to enjoy a sexually fulfilling cuckold relationship with their men, found my article (and my website) intriguing enough to interview me for his Articles page (visit here to read the interview). I, being the curious cat that I am, could not resist the temptation to interview him in kind to pick his brain. 

Dr. 36 demonstrated exceptional depth in his understanding of human psychology, weaving elements of both the male and female brain to explain cuckoldry as a sexual and evolutionary force. Combining universal persuasion techniques and years of experience as a fulfilled cuckold himself, Dr. 36 built his practice so as to help men achieve the relationship model of their dreams. I was enthralled to engage with him and learn from him, thus expanding my own knowledge and fascination. 

Cuckoldry is that unique D/s relationship that requires an immense amount of trust and vulnerability to openly explore fear and jealousy—and we all know emotions are the most dangerous toys in BDSM. How does one explore this safely with a loved one without causing harm to the relationship? How does one even introduce this topic to one’s partner? Why is this so pleasurable? How can a man wish to see his woman with another man? With thoughtfulness, erudition, and a razor-sharp mind, Dr. 36 answers those questions below (well, as much as he can spare without giving it all away!).

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Forced-Bi: Homosexuality or Service?

A perfectly heterosexual male slave with a forced-bi fetish fantasizes about servicing other men -- orally or anally -- for the pleasure and amusement of his Mistress. In My personal life, a forced-bi slave is one of My favorite types of men to play with. They are eager to please, eager to perform, eager to receive, and, of course, eager to give all for the sake of My satisfaction. You may be wondering as to why a man would find any source of pleasure from this activity. The reasons are complex yet easy, universal yet individualized, and all rooted in the desire to serve. There are three main explanations for the psychology of the forced-bi male slave. 

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The Mind of the Cuckold Explained: History, Culture, Psychology

"A man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh...What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate". (Matthew 19:3-8)

...unless the man throws away his basket of stones and encourages his wife to commit adultery.

Have you ever fantasized about seeing your wife or girlfriend with another man? Do the thoughts of her cheating on you, having fantastic sex with other men, and coming home to tell you about it arouse you? Do you want to understand why you feel this way?

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