Interview with SEA, a BDSM Educator and Lifestyle Submissive

In order to continuously advance my knowledge and craft as a Female Dominant, I attend numerous classes and workshops at BDSM conferences across the country and the globe. Last fall, I attended DomCon 2018 in New Orleans and it was there that I met Sea, a presenter at the convention. It was during Sea's class "The PhD to Understanding Submissives" that I was for the first time genuinely impressed by an educator's keen insight into the psychology of submission. Sea possessed a natural flair for teaching, an uncanny ability to present BDSM theories and ideas in a clear and concise manner, and of course he conducted his class with light humor and a humble demeanor. A lifestyle submissive with a wealth of experiences in serving Dominant Women for many years, and a presenter/educator at conferences across the country, I simply had to poke Sea's brain by requesting a written interview with him.

To learn more about Sea, visit his Felife page here.

And so, without further ado...

1) Why do you take pleasure in assuming the submissive role in the dance of power exchange? How does it make your feel? What is it about this exchange that motivates and elevates you?

I have been drawn to submission since my earliest memories. Mainstream films and stories that had female dominance appealed to me. I would watch or read them with great interest, and replay particular scenes through my mind. I often wanted to be in the shoes of those who were under the power of those women.

Simply put, I take pleasure in submission because it makes me feel good.

Sometimes that feeling is similar to the type of gratification you get when you express love for someone. Sometimes it is similar to the feeling of peace and purpose when you devote yourself to a cause. Sometimes it is the gratification of knowing you have done a job well. Sometimes it is an arousal--a sexual arousal, or a sense of wow in the mind.

I think submission brings me different types of gratification: spiritual (to devote self, to form connections, to achieve an altered, trance-like state of mind), social (to form social bonds, to love and be loved), masochistic (to feel gratification in being subordinate to a chosen person or suffer for or at hands of someone), and more.

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A slave's Views on Objectification and Usefulness

I am always advancing and fine-tuning My craft as a Mistress. Every slave who is sincere in his service and devotion to Me sheds further light upon Dominance and submission. While I learn to sharpen My skills through bondage classes and training sessions with other reputable Dominas, it is My interaction with My slaves that gives Me the deepest insight into the mind of the submissive male. Recently, I was training a particular slave, nicknamed "pup", who commented on how I naturally objectify him during training and how I make him feel useful for Me. Curious to hear his thoughts--however inconsequential and meaningless, I instructed him to write an essay expanding upon how a slave feels when he is objectified and used. My pup came back with the following scribbles (albeit past the due date so he will be met with proper punishment), and I was pleasantly surprised by his perceptiveness given his desperate, doggy-like behavior when around Me. I suppose slaves can think for themselves -- to a degree -- when I am not there to distract them. Slaves NEED to be useful in every way they can so as to contribute to a Mistress' pleasure and life enjoyment ... and the function of men is to serve Women. Men -- good men -- want to make a Woman happy, to provide a service for Her so as to eliminate discomfort and inconvenience from Her life. We have advanced to the point that theoretically both sexes can hunt and gather, but when danger emerges most men will instinctively assume a protective stance to shield his Lady from harm. The slave is further evolved in that he positions himself as both chivalrous and subordinate, fluidly intertwining elements of the masculine and feminine to suit the needs of his Alpha. If My pup is good at anything it is his understanding of how to be useful.

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An Exemplary Email from a Consummate slave (A must-read for those who wish to contact Me for the first time)

This special post is for those who have contemplated reaching out to Me for the first time and may not quite know how to properly go about it. your introduction letter to Me should be thoughtful, eloquent, sincere, and respectful. This means you will address Me properly at the beginning of the email, you will have reviewed My website beforehand to educate yourself on My rules, My philosophies, and My tribute, and you will have proofread your email for any grammatical errors prior to sending it. your introductory emails should contain 3 parts: your reasons for contacting Me, your background and experience level as a slave, and your dates of availability for a session as well as your phone number. If you have been acting the part of a fully functional adult who is responsible, reasonably educated, and gainfully employed, then all of this information should have been obvious to you. I am fortunate enough to be served by outstanding submissives from around the world. I cannot count how many times I have been utterly blown away by the level of service, devotion, and thoughtfulness with which they demonstrate their loyalty and submission to Me. you know who you are. If you have served Me before and I still grant you My time even outside of a session, it means you have earned your place at My feet. Life is precious and time is limited, therefore My time is valuable and only to be given to those who are worthy of Me.

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Why you Cannot See Me for Free: A Post for All the Aspiring "Personal slaves"

I have just declined a very earnest slave's request to see Me for 'drinks and dinner'. In the normal dating world, this is a perfectly thoughtful gesture of an invite, but a major blunder in the world of Professional Domination. Why? Because he wanted to serve Me on a level in which he does not need to pay tribute. Unfortunately, this is not the first time it has occurred. I am writing this post on behalf of ALL ProfessionalMistresses who dare to make a life out of dominating and training slaves, who dare to put themselves out there at the risk of serious bodily harm every single day, who dare to bare the possibility of ostracism when they reveal what they do to friends and family--people whose opinions they care about, who dare to live their lives based on their own terms. We Professional Mistresses require tribute for Our time because We have turned our craft into a sustainable livelihood--that is the desire and goal of ANYONE with passion for what they do in ANY FIELD.

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