Thank you all for My Christmas Gifts

My dearly devoted subjects from near and far, thank you all for showering Me with gifts of worship this holiday season. I am truly grateful for everyone's sincerity and kindness, and I want you all to know that you have touched My life just as much as I have touched yours. From gifts presented to Me in a session to ones sent from My wish list, your acts of service will be forever remembered. Just as slaves spoil their Mistress, your Mistress will spoil you right back. While I have trained most of you in person, some of you reside in other countries and continents. That you have yet to experience Me in person but still took the time and energy to demonstrate your submission is truly amazing. I will be making My way around the world again in 2016 and hope to finally meet you.

The life I lead is incredibly satisfying but not without its sacrifices and occasional heartbreaks. Every time I receive a token of your appreciation -- however humble -- it is deeply rewarding and reinforces the fact that I have made the right choice and will continue to do so, year after year.

Thank you all from the bottom of My playful, misbehavin' heart.