A Tribute to My Fellow Kinky Folk

After more than half a decade of training slaves from many corners of the globe, My journey into Mistressdom would not have been possible without the bold, passionate, and talented women I have met along the way. Each of the following Dominatrices/BDSM educators have contributed to My knowledge of BDSM with their guidance, friendship, and compassion. Some of them have been living this lifestyle for decades, devoting their life to their craft and educating others on the art of kink. Some have even been kind enough to invite Me into their immaculately appointed playspaces, allowing Me to use their facilities and inspiring Me to design My own one day. If you ever find yourself in any one of their territories, do reach out to them for training, discipline, and education. 


San Diego: Mistress Porcelain Midnight  

Los Angeles: Mistress Nicolette, Mistress Lucy Khan, Ms. Kaila Yi, Mistress An Li, Mistress Damiana Chi, Mistress Jezebel Chi, Justine Cross, Mistress Kiko,

San Francisco: Mistress Morgana, Domina Yuki, Domina Colette, Mistress Lillian, Mistress Ophelia Margaux, Mistress Vivienne Vai, Mistress Eva Sterling, Dominatrix Carmen


Mistress Molly


Mistress Lucy Sweetkill and Mistress Dia Dynasty of La Maison du RougeMistress Ariana, MarcusLikesIt, Yin Q , Mistress Paige, Troy Orleans, Mistress Blunt


  Mistress Tyler


Toronto: Lady Azelle


Goddess Maya Liyer


Domina M


Mistress Euryale


Ms. Amber, Mistress Estella


Domina Fire, Mistress Joyen