The Psychology of Financial Domination

Financial Domination is that rare BDSM fantasy that, from the outside world of “vanilla heteronormativity”, is baffling to the mind; and from the point of view of the professional dominatrix, too good to be true. Throughout the years I have trained 'money slaves' of various breeds and it is only now that I feel I am experienced enough to deconstruct for you the mind of a financial submissive. 

What is financial domination (FinDom)? First, I will clarify what is NOT financial domination: it is NOT an unethical exploitation of a male sub, it is NOT an easy way for women to advertise online as financial dominatrices as a get-rich-quick scheme by using men, it is NOT a woman who makes a career out of asking men to subsidize all her living expenses, it is NOT woman who only wants to be spoiled with money or gifts -- and nothing else -- from men (a financial dominatrix is not to be confused with a 'sugar baby'). A woman who falsely poses as a findom Mistress because she needs the money possesses zero power in this game. 

My definition is as follows: Financial Domination is a sexually arousing GAME of power-play whereby psychological pleasure is experienced as a result of the humiliation from giving up one's monetary assets to another. The FinDom fantasy exists in predominantly MALE subs (there is very little evidence to suggest that women enjoy this type of power play). A financial dominatrix enjoys this game for the thrill of humiliating her money-slave, she does not need the money and she will say "no" to whomever displeases her--therein lies her power. There are 3 main reason why some subs enjoy financial domination: control, humiliation, and service. 

Financial Domination is able to exist and (actually become a fetish or desire for some) because of certain Universal Rules of Life (UROL) for men, unchanged by feminism:

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A Cuckold Expert Explains it All

My dear readers, it is my pleasure to publish my latest interview with “The Cuckold Consultant”, an expert on advising men on how to create satisfying, exciting relationships of sweet betrayal and exquisite jealousy with their wives/girlfriends. I have written but one essay about the mind of the cuckold submissive, and I must admit that it barely scratched the surface of this richly complex form of psychological masochism. Surprised and humbled I was that Dr. 36, whose Cuckold Consulting website aims to unlock the secret to persuading women to enjoy a sexually fulfilling cuckold relationship with their men, found my article (and my website) intriguing enough to interview me for his Articles page (visit here to read the interview). I, being the curious cat that I am, could not resist the temptation to interview him in kind to pick his brain. 

Dr. 36 demonstrated exceptional depth in his understanding of human psychology, weaving elements of both the male and female brain to explain cuckoldry as a sexual and evolutionary force. Combining universal persuasion techniques and years of experience as a fulfilled cuckold himself, Dr. 36 built his practice so as to help men achieve the relationship model of their dreams. I was enthralled to engage with him and learn from him, thus expanding my own knowledge and fascination. 

Cuckoldry is that unique D/s relationship that requires an immense amount of trust and vulnerability to openly explore fear and jealousy—and we all know emotions are the most dangerous toys in BDSM. How does one explore this safely with a loved one without causing harm to the relationship? How does one even introduce this topic to one’s partner? Why is this so pleasurable? How can a man wish to see his woman with another man? With thoughtfulness, erudition, and a razor-sharp mind, Dr. 36 answers those questions below (well, as much as he can spare without giving it all away!).

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The Benefits of Male Chastity

Chastity Training is a fine art in the realm of Dominance and submission. The ability to control a man's primal urges for frequent sexual release poses as one of the more challenging disciplines of the Mistress and slave dynamic. A central focal point of his daily rhythm and distraction, the very thought of handing the keys of his virile vehicle over to a Mistress can be downright terrifying. The notion that a Woman should dictate the timing of his orgasms as well as when he may even have skin contact with his main member is not for the slave who merely wishes to dabble and dally. For most men, their modus operanti is the lifelong reliance upon self-gratification that often takes on the form of compulsive, less-than-satisfying, linear starts to finishes. 

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My Love of Sissies

Sissy, sissy-maid, sissy-slut, sissy-bitch, cross dresser, transvestite, androgyne, eunuch--I use these terms to describe a certain brand of sub who I love to feminize and emasculate. As with all forms of kink, the feminization of the male sub and its multi-layered pleasures is highly psychological. It challenges and reshapes our understanding of traditional masculinity, femininity, misogyny and sexism.

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