A Tribute to My Fellow Kinky Folk

After more than half a decade of training slaves from many corners of the globe, My journey into Mistressdom would not have been possible without the bold, passionate, and talented women I have met along the way. Each of the following Dominatrices/BDSM educators have contributed to My knowledge of BDSM with their guidance, friendship, and compassion. Some of them have been living this lifestyle for decades, devoting their life to their craft and educating others on the art of kink. Some have even been kind enough to invite Me into their immaculately appointed playspaces, allowing Me to use their facilities and inspiring Me to design My own one day. If you ever find yourself in any one of their territories, do reach out to them for training, discipline, and education. 


San Diego: Mistress Porcelain Midnight  

Los Angeles: Mistress Nicolette, Mistress Lucy Khan, Ms. Kaila Yi, Mistress Lexine

San Francisco: Mistress Morgana, Midori, Domina Yuki, Domina Colette


Mistress Molly


Mistress Lucy Sweetkill and Mistress Dia Dynasty of La Maison du RougeMistress Ariana, MarcusLikesIt, Yin Q  


 Mistress Tyler, Mistress Evelyn 


Toronto: Lady Azelle


Goddess Maya Liyer



My Love of Sissies

Sissy, sissy-maid, sissy-slut, sissy-bitch, cross dresser, transvestite, androgyne, eunuch--I use these terms to describe a certain brand of sub who I love to feminize and emasculate. As with all forms of kink, the feminization of the male sub and its multi-layered pleasures is highly psychological. It challenges and reshapes our understanding of traditional masculinity, femininity, misogyny and sexism.

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Why you submit and how to be an empowered sub

"Bottoms are beautiful, bottoms are powerful, bottoms are alchemist who magically transform suffering into sex, humiliation into desire, screams of pain into moans of pleasure." Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy. The New Bottoming Book

Submission is a gift whereby the submissive gives his trust, his body, his mind, his services on whatever form it takes, to the Dominant. The sub is vulnerable and raw, even if for a temporary period, in front of the Mistress by revealing his fantasies and desires which are windows to his complex nature, his soul. BDSM enables us to explore the redistribution of power and control, and the reality of this dynamic between two or more persons is that power is exchanged and equally shared by all involved--sub and Mistress. Therefore, the submissive is also a powerful player, a self-actualized individual who knows and understands his sexual preferences and requires his Dominant half to fulfill his needs for those are just as strong and valid as those of the Mistress. This essay will seek to explain not how one submits, but WHY one submits, and how to be an empowered submissive. 

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A Veteran slave's Insight Into The World of Professional Female Domination

It has been too long since My last essay on the roots of sadism and aggression. I have been traveling extensively, with hardly any time for a much-needed post. Throughout My travels, My subjects have informed Me that they enjoyed reading a particular essay on service and objectification written from the point of view of another slave. This prompted Me to enlist the services of the same slave, who has had years of experience serving and sessioning with numerous Mistresses in the Los Angeles area. Slaves and fetishists who are just beginning to explore their kinky selves will find his accounts insightful and hopefully helpful in determining how they should proceed to contact and serve Mistresses to the best of their abilities. More importantly, novices and even the more experienced will be granted an insider's view on what it means to be a client, a slave, a ProDomme, and an Ownership-oriented Mistress. 

Below is a well-written essay by slave s

Having patronized the Los Angeles Professional Dominatrix (Pro-Domme) scene for many years as well as doing a stint as a “house slave” to a once popular (now retired) BDSM establishment, I have first-hand experience in the world of Professional Female Domination.  It is a world where on the surface, the dynamics are defined absolutely.  A deeper look will reveal nuanced and blurred lines. 

HOD (houses of domination), dungeons, play spaces, etc. are where the majority of professional BDSM sessions take place.  These establishments are housed in private homes, apartments, and commercial facilities.  Discretion is paramount for the location of a dungeon.  Family men & women and prominent professionals are among those who engage the services of a Pro-Domme, exposing some of their innermost vulnerabilities. Clients are potentially compromising their outside lives yet they are grateful that the option exists and worth the risks involved.

This begs the question of who are these Dominatrices that clients lay bare before? 


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