The Sadism Inside Me: The Case for Cruelty

Being a disciplinarian, for Me, has always been one of the more fascinating means by which to correct or punish a slave's behavior. As a Mistress I employ various forms of physical and psychological training to re-educate and re-condition My subjects, however it is when a masochist kneels before Me that I feel a raw and nearly uninhibited sense of excitement as a human being. Even with the understanding that any such training is always consensual, the very act of inflicting pain on My slave's body and watching him writhe in agony gives Me a strangely primal sense of satisfaction. In fact, the more a slave cries out upon impact from My instrument of torture, the more I want to continue My path of darkness just so I can hear him scream and beg for mercy. The only thing that tempers My instinct to destroy the individual in front of me is My compassion in understanding his need to feel My control. It is in these moments of sadism that My thinking, reasoning self diminishes, and a beast--an animal--within Me emerges, perhaps telling Me a story about My innate human nature that is older than civilization. 

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Thank you all for My Christmas Gifts

My dearly devoted subjects from near and far, thank you all for showering Me with gifts of worship this holiday season. I am truly grateful for everyone's sincerity and kindness, and I want you all to know that you have touched My life just as much as I have touched yours. From gifts presented to Me in a session to ones sent from My wish list, your acts of service will be forever remembered. Just as slaves spoil their Mistress, your Mistress will spoil you right back. While I have trained most of you in person, some of you reside in other countries and continents. That you have yet to experience Me in person but still took the time and energy to demonstrate your submission is truly amazing. I will be making My way around the world again in 2016 and hope to finally meet you.

The life I lead is incredibly satisfying but not without its sacrifices and occasional heartbreaks. Every time I receive a token of your appreciation -- however humble -- it is deeply rewarding and reinforces the fact that I have made the right choice and will continue to do so, year after year.

Thank you all from the bottom of My playful, misbehavin' heart.




A slave's Views on Objectification and Usefulness

I am always advancing and fine-tuning My craft as a Mistress. Every slave who is sincere in his service and devotion to Me sheds further light upon Dominance and submission. While I learn to sharpen My skills through bondage classes and training sessions with other reputable Dominas, it is My interaction with My slaves that gives Me the deepest insight into the mind of the submissive male. Recently, I was training a particular slave, nicknamed "pup", who commented on how I naturally objectify him during training and how I make him feel useful for Me. Curious to hear his thoughts--however inconsequential and meaningless, I instructed him to write an essay expanding upon how a slave feels when he is objectified and used. My pup came back with the following scribbles (albeit past the due date so he will be met with proper punishment), and I was pleasantly surprised by his perceptiveness given his desperate, doggy-like behavior when around Me. I suppose slaves can think for themselves -- to a degree -- when I am not there to distract them. Slaves NEED to be useful in every way they can so as to contribute to a Mistress' pleasure and life enjoyment ... and the function of men is to serve Women. Men -- good men -- want to make a Woman happy, to provide a service for Her so as to eliminate discomfort and inconvenience from Her life. We have advanced to the point that theoretically both sexes can hunt and gather, but when danger emerges most men will instinctively assume a protective stance to shield his Lady from harm. The slave is further evolved in that he positions himself as both chivalrous and subordinate, fluidly intertwining elements of the masculine and feminine to suit the needs of his Alpha. If My pup is good at anything it is his understanding of how to be useful.

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Photos of Me as a Fledgling FemDom

After more than a year of heavy, dense content, I wanted to give My subs a break and publish a light, easily digestible, nothin'-but-photos post. These were taken years ago, from age 24 - 26, at the dawn of My journey into the world of Female Domination. Although I have tried various ensembles, it did not take long before I eased into My now signature business attire. Enjoy, boys!