My Weekend at the Folsom Street Fair

I have finally managed to attend the infamous Folsom Street Fair last month, a day of epic outdoor kinky festivities the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in North America other than San Francisco. After Mistress-sing about for half a decade, the Fair was something to check off the bucket list for any self-respecting deviant.

Occupying more than eight blocks in Soma, the Fair draws out hundreds of thousands of kinksters, perverts, leather fetishists, and alternative lifestylers (some of which have yet to be assigned proper terminology) every year.

Walking down Folsom Street in My leather leggings and elbow-length leather gloves, I was greeted by almost every type of pervert of almost every inclination. I witnessed a wide spectrum of kink on display, except for those who are die-hard practitioners of felching, snoodling, clear plating, and daisy chaining (some kinks should remain strictly indoors and behind sound-proof walls). After you have finished Googling all those terms, please continue reading...

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Mercy Mistress WebSeries

I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Yin Q, BDSM educator/practitioner of over 20 years and former New York Professional Dominatrix, in Brooklyn this past weekend. A gracious and charismatic hostess, Yin welcomed me into her beautiful abode where I met her family, friends, and other fellow Mistresses in the lifestyle and profession. The afternoon was laced with quality conversation and banter, savory hors d'oeuvres, as well as classical piano and operatic performances. 3,000 miles away from Los Angeles, I felt at home. 

Yin is the writer and executive producer of Mercy Mistress, a webseries "intended to tantalize, teach, and destigmatize the shame that shrouds kink sexuality and sex-work." It is a story about her unconventional journey through the world of BDSM and professional domination. It is also a story that "represents diversity, strong Asian-American characters, female empowerment, and sex positive activism." By extension, it is a story about me; therefore, it is also a story about you, my dearly devoted readers/pets. 

Enjoy Mistress Yin's provocative video below to stroke the senses and press the mind. Should you feel aligned with her mission then please make a contribution so that ALL of our BDSM stories can be told with authenticity, intelligence, and dark humor. 

The Benefits of Male Chastity

Chastity Training is a fine art in the realm of Dominance and submission. The ability to control a man's primal urges for frequent sexual release poses as one of the more challenging disciplines of the Mistress and slave dynamic. A central focal point of his daily rhythm and distraction, the very thought of handing the keys of his virile vehicle over to a Mistress can be downright terrifying. The notion that a Woman should dictate the timing of his orgasms as well as when he may even have skin contact with his main member is not for the slave who merely wishes to dabble and dally. For most men, their modus operanti is the lifelong reliance upon self-gratification that often takes on the form of compulsive, less-than-satisfying, linear starts to finishes. 

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